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Capture Stunning Pictures At Night With Your Budget Smartphone

Generally, most people believe that the smartphone camera is not good enough for night photography or shooting in low-light conditions. Now in this blog, I want to explore the reasons why the camera in the smartphone is performing poorly at night or in a very very dim environment. And I want to show you as well how to overcome that and the steps that you can take to improve your shots shooting at night. Smartphone manufacturers want you to think that you need to spend a lot of money to get a much better camera in their flagship smartphones. I’m here to tell you otherwise! You don’t have to throw your money away like that, in fact just stay with what you have – smartphone photography.

Smartphone Low Light Photography Tips

I am using a budget smartphone and you know what just with a little bit of understanding in your fundamentals of photography can take your night photography shooting to the next level and you can elevate your smartphone photography. Here is the harsh truth – no matter how great the smartphone camera is, no matter how the camera manufacturer wants to believe that the expensive smartphone has an amazing camera that takes amazing photographs at night but once you leave the smartphone camera to automatic mode most likely the camera will choose the worst possible settings when shooting in low-light conditions.

Therefore the first tip on shooting night photography with a smartphone camera is to avoid using automatic mode. But first, let’s see what the camera automatic mode does. Let’s take a photograph here, click and we review the photograph zooming into details. We can see how terrible the background is and look at the mess, the blotchiness, the smear of details, the grains. This is due to very very high ISO used so basically the camera thinks that it was very dark so it chooses ISO 1200 That’s a horror! To prevent this from happening we can always select the expert mode or a manual mode or advanced mode where the camera allows you to control the ISO and shutter speed. So we know that ISO 1200 is bad, the high gives terrible results so we just lower down the ISO to 80 or 100 and we match the shutter speed so that we can get enough exposure. Very important to use the self-timer to prevent shaking and let’s see what we get here.

The image is very different now zooming in to detail how clean the sky is! Not even a hint of grain and look how smooth and how detailed and sharp this image is. The structural integrity of the pixel is well maintained. Guys shoot at low ISO. This is a side-by-side comparison, it is so obvious how different it is. Those shots were taken on a tripod so yes tip number two uses a tripod. it doesn’t matter what tripod you use, it doesn’t have to be an expensive one. So, guys, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to improve your photography(find it on the best eCommerce websites).

I know some of you will say that what? A tripod? Really? That’s so inconvenient but guess what? Real photography requires real effort so man up and carry your tripod like a man! And take a night photograph like a real photographer. Now that I’ve shared my techniques using a tripod don’t use automatic mode on your smartphone turn to manual set it to ISO low let’s attack the streets. Let’s hit your nearest destinations at night and start shooting amazing photographs.

I hope you have found this very quick sharing useful especially when you go out for your next night photography outing or just take some simple shots of city landscapes at night. Remember these settings are very very easy. I just use a tripod, don’t be lazy, put in some effort, don’t rely upon your camera’s automatic mode and you are good to go. Keep the ISO low and use a self-timer. I hope that you will go out and explore photography more just because you don’t have a proper camera or your camera is not the latest and the most advanced ones doesn’t mean that you should stop yourself from doing photography.

Learn some photography basics, that’s why I’m here. I’m sharing as much as I can and knowing these fundamentals I am very sure that is just taking that tiny little step further to get your photography whether using a smartphone or a proper camera to the next level. If you have found these tips useful please share and recommend our blog to your social media and let me know what else you want to learn from me as a photographer. We’ll come back to you soon with other interesting facts and tips about smartphone and camera photography.

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