Best Smartphone Camera Accessoroes
Best Camera Accessoroes

6 Great Smartphone Camera Accessories: Capture Stunning Pictures

There are many mobile phone users in the world who use their smartphone as a primary camera. If you’re one of them and want to completely replace a digital camera with your smartphone, it is recommended to add some essential accessories to your bag. It helps you in improving your photography experience, as well as image quality. Here we have mentioned six great smartphone camera accessories that you should have to take your photography to the next level.

Smartphone lenses

Smartphone lenses offer higher zoom capabilities, focal lengths, macro focusing distance, amazing fisheye effects and wide-angle perspectives. The implementation of cameras and lenses makes smartphones more versatile. Although, these lenses generally are capable of attaching plenty of mobile phone devices. Also, there are various different lenses available for smartphones – each for specific uses to take your photography to another level.

Small tripod

A tripod is one of the most essential smartphone photography accessories you should buy. It is a very easy setup that can offer plenty of benefits while shooting. A tripod can be used for long exposure photography, which is when shutter speed is slowed down. This technique can be used to create light trails, smooth out fluids, and better expose images without increasing the ISO (which affects photo quality). Using a tripod can also reduce motion blur or shaky videos. Not to mention it really helps to have the camera static when learning composition, giving you more time and freedom to properly frame a scene.

Phone LED panel

Photography is all about light, and having some extra help in dark environments will allow you to get better results. LED panels have gotten smaller and more affordable. The one shown above is the Godox LEDM150 and features a rechargeable battery, a dimming mechanism, and a phone mount.

Smartphone microphone

Audio is one area where smartphones usually lack quality, and it is crucial for recording video. Improve your clips by using an external microphone. A good one is the Rode Smartlav Plus (pictured above). It can be attached to your phone’s 3.5mm headset jack… or dongle.

Portable battery pack

Your phone will quickly run out of battery if you are shooting photos and videos throughout the day. You don’t want a dead phone when a photo opportunity presents itself. For that reason, getting a portable power bank is a good idea. Here is a list of our favorites.

These smartphone photography accessories are sure to take your images to another level. Remember, buying a camera is only the first step in this money pit that photography is. Lucky for you, you probably already have a smartphone, and most of these accessories are affordable.

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